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Batch Details - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Curriculum - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Why Digital Marketing?
    • Digital Marketing platforms?
    • Digital Marketing – Organic & Paid
    • Digital Marketing era and the way forward
    • Digital Marketing for students, professionals and businesses
    • What is SEO?
    • Growth of SEO in the recent years
    • Ecosystem of a search engine
    • What are the kinds of traffic
    • What is on-page optimization?
    • HTML basics
    • CSS basics
    • Meta Tags usage
    • Using Javascript to our Advantage
    • Graphics Optimization
    • Contextual interlinking
    • Microformats & schemas
    • Improving demographic score
    • Linking Strategies
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Sculpting
    • Link Baiting
    • Professional Article Exchange
    • Social Book Marking and Promotions
    • Directory submissions
    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Site Map Creators
    • Browser-based analysis tools
    • Page Rank tools
    • Pinging & indexing tools
    • Dead links identification tools
    • Open site explorer
    • Domain information/whois tools
    • Quicksprout
    • Introduction to SEM
    • SEM platforms – paid platforms
    • Introduction to Google AdWords
    • What is Google AdWords?
    • How is it different from other platforms?
    • Create an AdWords account
    • Key terminologies in Google AdWords
    • Google AdWords Account Structure
    • Ad approval process
    • Campaign creation process
    • Search & Display network
    • Keyword Match types
    • Keyword selection (Keyword planner)
    • Display Planner
    • Ad Extensions
    • Different types of extensions
    • Creating location extensions
    • Creating call extensions
    • Create Review extensions
    • Ad creation process
    • Keyword Grouping
    • Bidding techniques – Manual / Auto
    • Site Targeting
    • Keyword targeting
    • Demographic Targeting / Bidding
    • CPC-based, CPA-based & CPM-based accounts
    • How to handle different devices
    • Mobile-specific bids
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Ad Rotation
    • Ad delivery settings
    • Account interface analysis of data
    • Understanding metrics
    • Search Terms report
    • Placement Performance report
    • Analyzing keywords, Ads
    • Landing page relevance
    • Quality score
    • Ad Rank
    • Cost/Benefit analysis of campaigns
    • How to add / remove relevant keywords
    • Optimization Process
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Ad Text Optimization
    • Landing page optimization
    • Bid/Budget optimization
    • Return on investment Vs Branding
    • Attain equilibrium b/w keyword relevance, ad text and Landing page quality
    • Understanding LPQ and issues
    • AdWords Editor
    • Creating optimized campaigns
    • Understanding AdWords Editor options
    • Easy optimization of accounts
    • Analysis of accounts using AdWords Editor
    • AdWords Editor shortcuts
    • Analysing existing accounts
    • Exporting accounts into different formats
    • Understanding Conversion Tracking
    • Types of Conversions
    • Setting up Conversion Tracking
    • Verify Conversion Tracking
    • Tracking Conversions
    • Optimizing Conversions
    • Track offline conversions
    • Analyzing conversion data
    • Conversion optimizer
    • Target CPA
    • Ad Formats
    • Creating Image Ads
    • Optimizing image ads
    • Choosing placements
    • Frequency capping
    • What is mobile ads?
    • Creating mobile ads?
    • What are the types of mobile ads?
    • AdWords for mobile
    • Create click to call campaign
    • Analyze the campaigns
    • Optimize the ads for mobile
    • What is youtube advertising?
    • Why should one advertise on youtube?
    • Creating youtube campaigns
    • Choose the audience for video ads
    • Instream ads
    • In-video ads
    • In-search ads
    • In-display ads
    • Measuring your YouTube ad performance
    • Drive leads and sales from YouTube ads
    • What is MCC?
    • Who can be an MCC?
    • How to signup for an MCC account?
    • Adding clients for MCC account
    • Monitoring child accounts
    • What is MDS?
    • UI Access and API access
    • Creating multiple MCCs
    • Sharing an AdWords account
    • Different access levels
    • Admin access
    • Standard Access levels
    • Email only Access
    • Read-only access
    • Different types of billing
    • Postpay and Prepay [Automatic and Manual]
    • Billing issues
    • Retry card
    • Troubleshooting issues
    • Primary card and back up card
    • Promo codes and working with them
    • Tracking invalid clicks
    • What should be done
    • IP exclusion
    • What are dynamic ads?
    • Creating dynamic search ads
    • Keyword Insertion
    • What is shared library?
    • Shared Budgets
    • Sharing negative keywords
    • Creating shared audience
    • Running keyword reports
    • Campaign and Ad group level reports
    • Placement performance report
    • Running analysis reports
    • What is remarketing?
    • How do I create a remarketing campaign?
    • Remarketing campaigns
    • Creating custom combinations
    • Creating URL rule
    • Creating a remarketing tag
    • Bing AdCenter
    • Facebook Paid Marketing
    • Running paid campaigns
    • Managing interests
    • Create custom audiences
    • Create multiple adverts
    • Power editor
    • View FaceBook Insights
    • Data Interpretation
    • LinkedIn Paid Campaigns
    • Introduction to Web Analytics
    • GA Terminology (Dimensions & Metrics)
    • Introduction to Reports
    • Audience Reports, Traffic Sources and Content Reports
    • Basic Setup
    • Campaign Tagging & Reporting
    • Understanding Conversions
    • Understanding Goals and Funnels
    • Dashboard
    • Custom Reporting
    • Understanding Events
    • Linking and Using Data from Google Adwords
    • Profiles
    • Profile Filters
    • Visitor Flow
    • Real-Time Data
    • Blog Marketing
    • Article Marketing
    • Cross promotions
    • How to effectively market content
    • Call to action via content
    • Guest blogging
    • Content Marketing tools (Around 30 of them)
    • Importance of email marketing
    • email Marketing platforms
    • Creating e-mailers
    • Tracking emailers
    • Open rates and CTR of emailers
    • Drive leads from emailers
    • What is opt-in lists
    • Create forms
    • Web to lead forms
    • Web to case forms
    • Lead generation techniques
    • Leads are everywhere
    • Social media and lead gen
    • Inbuilt tools for Digital Marketing
    • Ip Tracker
    • CPC reduction (in case of paid ads)
    • Group posting on Social Media platforms
    • Social Media, Social networking & Social Media Marketing Defined
    • Blogging and microblogging
    • Social networking
    • Video Sharing
    • Social News and Social Bookmarking
    • Social events
    • wikis
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Introduction to Social Media
    • What is Social Media?
    • How Social Media developed
    • Managing Information Aggregators
    • Google Alerts
    • Blogs
    • Content Management
    • Scheduling & Creating content
    • Managing content programs
    • Trademark Implications
    • Working with Tumblr
    • Who are they?
    • How to find them
    • How to use them to benefit your brand
    • Creating groups and pages
    • Tips and Guides
    • Posts
    • Paid Promotion
    • Ads
    • Contests
    • Set-up and usage
    • Tips
    • Promoted Tweets
    • Buffer
    • Hootsuite
    • What is Tweetdeck
    • Tips and Guides
    • Review of profiles
    • Linkedin posts
    • Linkedin promotions
    • Evolution of online communities
    • How ideas travel
    • Viralness
    • The ROI in Social Media Marketing
    • Tools and Dashboards
    • Reputation and crisis management
    • Quantifying success
    • Data mining and social media
    • Social Media Measurement tools
    • Data and social media
    • Google Trends
    • Trending Topics
    • Twitter trends
    • Social Media Trends
    • Facebook Object Ads
    • Page Post Ads
    • Sponsored Stories
    • Facebook Offers
    • Facebook Sponsored Stories
    • Remarketing Ads
    • Custom Audience
    • Action Specific Targeting
    • Facebook Premium Ads
    • How to get your business checking-in
    • Setting up accounts on second-tier platforms
    • Promoting social media pages in other media
    • Best social media listening and management tools
    • Creating positive chatter in social media
    • Linking social media accounts
    • Utilizing discussion boards and social groups
    • Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation
    • Defining key terms in social media
    • Establishing goals and key tracking metrics
    • Free social media measurement tools
    • Benefits of popular and custom URL shorteners
    • Calculating acquisition costs and hard ROI from social media
    • Creating customized campaign performance reports
    • Social Media Case Studies
    • Major brand case study
    • Small company case study
    • Small B2B case study
    • Big brand digital media site side optimization
    • Using social media for brand awareness
    • Using social media for direct response
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing/Optimization.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Website Designing and Development.
  • Product Marketing.
  • Content Writing.
  • Marketing the created content online.
  • Copywriting.
  • Blogging.
  • Local Marketing.
  • Google AdWords Campaign Management.
  • PPC Advertising.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Mobile and SMS Marketing.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Web Analytics.
  • Growth Hacking.

Key Points - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

About - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing is a way to promote your business digitally and reach to the targeted audience. We can reach to the customer by using various digital platform like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc)

If you are looking for opportunity to become a professional Digital Marketer so you are at the right place. Training Medal give you deep knowledge of Digital Marketing. According to 2024 4.5 Billion Internet user all over the world. India is ranking in top 10 list of most internet user country over the the glob.

Description of the Course

At the training medal, you will get certified in all the modules of digital marketing. You will get assistance from our experts who will help you to work on different projects. How to create strategies for different businesses. We will help you learn how to use tools that will help to create a successful strategy.
You will learn how to create reports of SEO and analytics and many more. How to create an impressive resume. We will conduct mock interviews to acquire jobs at reputed firms. How to use UberSuggest, Writerzen, Screpy, Keyword Planner

Digital Marketing is the industry providing the most stable jobs. There are many opportunities for Digital Marketers around the globe. So we suggest you take a step towards learning digital marketing by attending our free demo class.

As we know there is a rapid increase in users going online hence the demand for digital marketing is expected to increase more in the coming years. 

This digital marketing course in the Hyderabad course program consists of a training duration of 2 months. Which will help you with 100% job assistance. Our course is designed in such a way that every student is employable. 

If you are want to get a job in digital marketing, you are at the right place. We train you in a way that you acquire all the skills in Digital Marketing for you to become a successful digital marketer.

 This course includes 45 Modules with a training duration of 60 days with duration depending on the topic One hour and one and a half hours every weekday, Monday to Friday. 

At  (Training Medal )you will how to make successful strategies for Digital Marketing. Our  Trainers are experts working on Digital Marketing for many years and can assist you with real-time projects. If you are a student with the guidance of our Digital Marketing trainers that you get you can get placed in reputed companies easily. If you are an Entrepreneurs, our trainers can also help you organize and create the latest techniques and strategies for your business so you can reach the business goals within a short period of time.

We will refer you to all the companies and startups that we are associated with to assist you to get you a prestigious job. This why we call ourselves that we are one of the Best Digital Marketing Training institutes in Hyderabad with 100% placement assistance. A smart person like you, you will agree on this with us we guess?

Who Can Attend DM Course

Who Can Attend

Training Mode - Digital Marketing Training In Hyderabad


Online Training

Explore our comprehensive online training programs for personalized learning experiences and skill enhancement from anywhere, at any time.

Offline Training

Offline Training

Unlock hands-on learning experiences with our offline training sessions, designed to enhance skills and knowledge in a dynamic classroom environment.


Corporate Training

Elevate your team's performance with our tailored corporate training solutions, fostering growth, collaboration, and success within your organization.


One To One Training

Experience personalized guidance and accelerated learning with our one-on-one training sessions, tailored to your goals, schedule, and learning pace.

Why Choose Training Medal - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Learn From Industry Experts

Real Time Projects

Practical Assignments

100% Placement Assistance

Certification On Completion

One On One Mentorship

Why Should We Learn Digital Marketing

At Training Medal, we firmly believe that learning digital marketing is essential for both personal and professional growth in today’s digital-centric world. Here’s why individuals should consider diving into the realm of digital marketing:

Jobs - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Specialist

Develop and implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads or sales.

Social Media Manager

Manage and optimize social media accounts across various platforms, create engaging content, interact with followers, and analyze performance metrics.

SEO Specialist

Optimize website content, structure, and meta-data to improve organic search rankings and increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Content Marketing Manager

Plan, create, and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a target audience, ultimately driving profitable customer action.

PPC Specialist

Create and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads to drive targeted traffic and achieve specific marketing objectives.

Email Marketing Manager

Develop and execute email marketing campaigns, including crafting compelling content, segmenting audiences, and analyzing campaign performance to optimize results.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Collect, analyze, and interpret data from various digital marketing channels to provide insights and recommendations for improving campaign effectiveness and ROI.

E-commerce Specialist

Oversee and optimize digital marketing efforts specifically tailored to e-commerce platforms, focusing on driving online sales and maximizing revenue.

Testimonials - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

WordPress Training in Hyderabad
Mahender Reddy
WordPress Training
I would like to thank the Training Medal team for making me a Digital Marketer. The trainers are very friendly and professional.
WordPress Training in Hyderabad
Daisy Jones
WordPress Training
I highly recommend this course for the digital marketing course in Hyderabad. Shaharukh sir is very well versed with the topics and he helped me clarify all doubts.
WordPress Training in Hyderabad
Sai Kumar
WordPress Training
I have attended various other institutes in Hyderabad for digital marketing but this institute is the best for digital marketing. They are meticulously organized and the trainers are having good knowledge of the Digital Marketing field.
WordPress Training in Hyderabad
WordPress Training
The mock interviews sessions conducted by the training medal institute have helped me getting placed in a reputed firm. I was afraid to attend an interview as I have switched my career from sales to marketing but the with help of trainers it was easy to acquire job in Digital Marketing.
WordPress Training in Hyderabad
WordPress Training
It was an amazing experience at training medal the mock interviews are very helpful and the management is professional.
WordPress Training in Hyderabad
WordPress Training
I recommend this institute for it’s dedication towards high quality service and the management. On the scale of 10 I give 9/10 to this institute for quality of service, professionalism, industrial knowledge.

FAQ's - Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing is a way to promote your business digitally and reach to the targeted audience. We can reach to the customer by using various digital platform like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc) 

Everything is going digitized today’s date. According to the Jan 2021 More than 4.5 Billions of users are using internet. And India is one of the top 10 country which is using internet. 

Below are the some reason why you should you join the course.

  • Great growth Prospects.
  • Start your own business
  • Easy to start career
  • Get better pay

There is no eligibility and age criteria to learn Digital Marketing anyone can learn and start doing Digital Marketing. 


Yes we provide 100% placement assistance to our all learner. We also guide you interview tricks and trice, resume preparation.

Training Medal provides internship as well. We give you work on real time projects. 

The course duration is two month excluding Saturday and  Sunday. But if you want to come and practice in institute you can came practice. 

First you have to attend demo class if you like the demo then you can pay the fees. Once you pay fees it won’t be refundable. 

Yes we provide Course With Internship. We assign live project to the students and provide internsheet certificate.

We takes backup classes if student missed any small topics also.

Yes, We provide softcopy of course material.